Thursday, January 21, 2010

A very, very new world!

Wow it's been a long time since I have written a blog. Ooops, I wonder if anyone will even check my blog anymore :) If you do, I give you mad props for being so loyal to check/ read it.

In case any of you had not heard yet, (through the wonderful world of Facebook) I am engaged!!!! It seems weird for me to say it still. I don't really feel like its true sometimes, but at the same time I am very very aware that soon I will be married to my best friend. His name is Ryan Melhus and we have been friends for several years after meeting through Oak Hills Christian College. Ryan and I (and a couple friends) did our outreach for school together at Solway Bible Chapel's AWANA program. After I left Oak Hills, we continued to be friends and on January 9th 2008, he told me that he liked me and I flat out told him that I didn't share those feelings and I would never have those feelings for him-I just wasn't attracted to him :) (Or so I thought)

Over the years we remained close friends, doing lots of things together like shopping and cleaning my apartment and working at AWANA. We even talked on the phone every night after I got off my late night work shift and had to drive for a half hour. Needless to say we talked about everything and he became my best friend. This last summer I began to realize that I might just be attracted to him, but kept making excuses and telling myself it wasn't true. But in September I came to the realization that I was attracted and in love with my best friend. So we began dating.

Now four months later we are engaged and I am could not be more excited to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend.

In case anyone is interested in hearing how he proposed (because people never want to hear that, right?) here it is:

He proposed on January 9th, 2010, 2 years from the date he first told me he had feelings for me. He took me up to my old apartment building where one of my neighbors had a sign hanging on their door that read, "A fisherman lives here with the best catch of his life." He told me that ever time he left my apartment over the years, he read the sign and always wished that I could be the best catch of his life. So we stood in front of the sign and he asked if I would be the best catch of his life :) Needless to say I said yes and was blushing a very bright tomato red :)

I will be trying to keep this site updated as the wedding gets closer!!!!


  1. I guess I get the award for reading your blog! Hope wedding plans are going well.....although I still think you're too young to get married. You were one of my students, you know! :)

  2. I remember when you were in Kindergarten! Just sayin... Congrats on the engagement! That is so awesome! So, I don't think you put your wedding date on your blog post? I scanned it over again so unless I am blind (which I could be) I don't think I saw the date for your big day!!!!!!

  3. I know it seems weird to me too that I am old enough to be married! And Jess I don't think y ou are going blind. I did forget to put it up there. It's May 15th! Which is coming up super fast! We are excited :)

  4. congratulations jessica! what a nice story.