Thursday, October 1, 2009

Being a Regular in My World

Here is what it means in my world of work for you to be considered a "regular" :

I moan everytime I see your name on the caller ID.

If you call from a phone other than your usual I can tell its you by either your breathing or your voice.

I know exactly what ride you are going to take...yes even down to the exact time, destination, and return ride information. (It disguists me too!)

When you can't remember your address, I will tell you it.

When you call at a certain time once a week and I can set my watch to you.

If you don't call at your usual time, I debate calling the law enforcement or just sending the bus anyway.

I know your routine well enough to know when I will see you at local business in town on my own errands/days off.

I know I am going to receive more calls from you at the beginning of the month because you get paid around the third.

I know what time your mail usually comes to your house.

I know how often you drink and what you sound like at different levels of intoxication.

I know what doctor you go to and unfortunately I also know why you are going to see the doctor.
(On a side note.....please don't tell me ever again why you are going in!!!!!)

I know how many goldfish you have killed in the last year.

But most of all.....I know everything. I have eyes everywhere and there is no fooling the dispatcher!!!! I know you think you can lie and tell me things that will make me give you sympathy....but trust me I have heard it all before!


  1. Your job sounds like it could be very annoying and yet super entertaining at the same time! haha!

  2. i think it's time for you to start writing a "not me monday" post. Check out my blog or erin's for instructions. they're really fun to do!

  3. ok.... what exactly do you do?! hehe! and we haven't killed any goldfish in the past year. but we have killed an entire tank full of other fish....!

    oh, and yes. you should join in on not me monday!

  4. Yep my job is interesting! I am a city transit dispatcher. It definitely has it's days :)

    I will have to think about some not me Mondays...see what I can come up with!